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Collaborative, human-centered consulting
for the arts and culture sector

Specializing in
Organizational Development
Talent Acquisition & Retention
Victoria Plettner-Saunders, Principal Consultant and founder, is a San Diego-based consultant for the nonprofit arts and culture sector. The Arts at Work represents her vision for a consulting firm that supports all that it means to work in and through the arts.

With 35 years professional experience and 20 years experience as a consultant, she has learned that bringing her best to her work means fostering authentic collaboration and inspiring great plans.

She is committed to supporting the creation of organizations and workplaces that truly empower people to bring their best and in turn, reward them for their efforts.

For more information about Victoria including a client list, certifications, and research see her portfolio at
Modern Dance Group

What is Human-Centered?

Human-centered is exactly what it sounds like, putting people at the center of decision making. It is to consider the impacts of decision-making on the people  who are implementing or engaged in the activity of those decisions.

How often does an organization consider the impact of their hiring process on the candidate and place them at the center?

How often does an organization proactively consider the impact of personnel policies and the work environment itself on the employee experience?

Human-centered practices acknowledge and proactively respond to the fact that people are at the core of everything an organization does, the most important of whom are those who are carrying out its mission. In other words, every single person on staff.

Organizational Development


Organization Review


Competitive Analysis

Strategic and Business Planning

Organizational Restructuring

Human Asset Planning

New Initiative Planning, Development and Project Management

Chinese Dragon Port of San Diego

Talent Acquisition & Retention

Specialized experience with providing services to small and mid-sized organizations.

Candidate Sourcing

Search Process Assistance

Staff Planning

Position Design and Development

Workforce Development

Employee Engagement

Internal Audits for Human-Centered Reforms

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